I work as a commercial food stylist for all types of business. From multi-nationals, large domestic companies, franchises to small businesses.

I provide food expertise when the ad or design is in the concept stage. In addition I also create recipes, presentation concepts, serving suggestions or other general foodie ideas and expertise.

I also food style for websites, social media, books and magazines. Working as a team with the photographer, creative, food suppliers and assistants is creative, stimulating, productive and enjoyable.

I assist small businesses to create professional looking visual content for their websites and social media presence, often arranging the required photography.

I act as a sounding board or give advice for your projects, recipes, cooking instructions, balanced meal guidelines, food presentation, serving suggestions, new products, variants / line-extensions. I have consulted and/or developed food concepts and recipes for many different clients & brands over the years, both large and small.

I work with many amazing food photographers & can arrange a complete photo-shoot for you. Including photography, studio hire, styling, food, props & backgrounds, assistants etc.

Props Sourcing & Styling – I provide a sourcing and styling props service, especially relating to food and cooking.

I have extensive experience writing recipes specifically targeted to desired audiences of advertising, packaging, books and magazines. I specialize in creating simple, delicious food using readily available fresh ingredients, for time-poor people. All recipes are written in the appropriate format for client use and tested in a home equivalent kitchen.

I am skilled at reviewing, modernizing and retesting existing recipes for clients, or converting recipes into healthier versions, using wholesome ingredients where possible. I like to develop recipes that are simple and seasonal incorporating new ‘twists’ to add interest and originality.

If you require nutritional analysis of recipes or products I can arrange for this by practising accredited dietician.

Styling for TV commercials requires additional skills, knowledge, experience and competence. I provide meticulous preparation, organisation and production.

I assist in the development of food concepts within the ad; working with the agency, production team and client to ensure that the food is presented in the best possible way. This usually involves experimentation and testing, discussion and feedback, logistics analysis and then production on a major scale at the shoot, working both in studios and on location.

Many businesses require videos for social media. I have plenty of experience with this and can arrange all the styling requirements for the production.